Orange County TMDL

The purpose of the Orange County TMDL project is to support the assessment of the presence and causes of depressed dissolved oxygen concentrations, elevated fecal coliform densities, and/or low pH in nine watersheds in the lower Sabine Basin in Texas.

OCTMDL on TCEQ Website: Orange County Watersheds: A TMDL Project to Protect Aquatic Life and Recreational Uses

OCTMDL Sampling and Analysis Report 2023

OCTMDL Sampling and Analysis Report 2022

Implementation Plan, Approved August 5, 2015
Implementation Plan for Seventeen Total Maximum Daily Loads for Bacteria, Dissolved Oxygen, and pH in Adams Bayou, Cow Bayou, and Their Tributaries: Segments 0508, 0508A, 0508B, 0508C, 0511, 0511A, 0511B, 0511C, and 0511E

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SRA-TX Project Manager
Jerry Wiegreffe
Lower Basin Field Office Coordinator
1895 IP Way
Orange, TX 77632
Phone: 409-746-3284

TCEQ Project Manager
Jazmyn Milford
PO Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087
Phone: 512-239-6278