Public Information

Information Requests Under the Public Information Act

Texas law gives the public the right to access records of governmental agencies, including those of Sabine River Authority of Texas (SRA-TX). Information generally is presumed available to the public. However, there are exceptions.

In general, state law requires governmental bodies to promptly release requested information - as long as it is not confidential by law or involves information for which an exception to disclosure has been sought. Please note that although some records may be directly released upon request, most records pass through a review process. In keeping with state law, SRA-TX will respond in a reasonable time frame.

To view or obtain copies of SRA-TX records, there are several options:

  1. Visit the SRA-TX Authority General Office in person at:
    • Sabine River Authority of Texas
      12777 N. Highway 87
      Orange, TX 77632
  2. Email your request to
    • Please ensure that the "reply-to" email address is correct and that the body of the email message includes alternate contact information, such as a phone number.
  3. Fax your request to
      FAX NO. 409-746-3780
  4. Mail your request to:
      Sabine River Authority of Texas
      PO Box 579
      Orange, TX 77631-0579


Effective Sept 1, 2007, the Texas Legislature adopted H.B. 2564, which authorizes a governmental body, such as SRA-TX, to establish a process of charging a fee if the time required for information production from a single requestor exceeds 36 hours during a fiscal year.

In such cases, SRA-TX is authorized to provide the requestor with a written estimate of the total cost, including materials, personnel time and overhead expenses, necessary to comply with the request. The written estimate must be provided to the requestor on or before the 10th day after the date on which the public information was requested.

The amount of this charge shall be established by rules prescribed by the Texas attorney general under Sections 552.262(a) and (b). Certain members of the media, 501(c)(3) publicly funded legal services organizations and elected officials are exempted from these charges.

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