Basin Development

The SRA-TX is active in the development of the Sabine River Basin in Texas (Basin) as part of its initiative to enhance the economic vitality and quality of life of the inhabitants of the 21 counties that comprise the Basin.  Endeavors to enhance the development of the Basin include:

  1. Public Outreach and Communication - Increase the awareness and appreciation of the Sabine River waterways.
  2. Community Assistance Program (CAP) - Part of an economic development initiative SRA-TX started in 2002 to help promote the improvement of the quality and quantity of services essential for the development of a viable community.
  3. Technical Services Assistance - Build resources and provide a catalyst for regional strategic planning.
  4. Economic Growth - Market the Basin to targeted business sectors and prospective tourists.
  5. Parks and Recreation Development - Provide recreation opportunities to Basin residents and enhance economic growth through attracting visitors to the region.