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On March 9, 2000, a 28-inch gasoline pipeline owned and operated by Explorer Pipeline Company ruptured several miles northwest of Greenville, Texas and released an estimated 600,000 gallons of reformulated gasoline into a pasture. The spill drained into a tributary of East Caddo Creek approximately 28 creek miles upstream from Lake Tawakoni, a reservoir owned and operated by the Sabine River Authority of Texas (SRA). The reformulated gasoline contained methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MtBE), which is difficult to remove from natural waters due to its chemical properties. Rainfall the next day flushed a significant amount of the spilled gasoline down the creek into Lake Tawakoni. 

This report is a summary of SRA's involvement in the events surrounding the gasoline spill.

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Entire Report [ HTML | PDF PDF File (11.8 Mb) | Compressed (9.2 Mb) ]  Note: does not include Figure ES.1, which is available below
Cover Page PDF File (18 Kb)
Executive Summary PDF File Pages i - v (18 Kb)
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Table of Contents PDF File Pages 1 - 2 (15 Kb)
1. Introduction PDF File Pages 3 - 13 (6 Mb)
2. Event Chronology PDF File Pages 14 - 21 (169 Kb)
3. Spill Event and Initial Response PDF File Pages 22 - 24 (13 Kb)
4. Monitoring Activities PDF File Pages 25 - 42 (4.8 Mb)
5. Treatment and Remediation PDF File Pages 43 - 47 (238 Kb)
6. Agency Involvement PDF File Pages 48 - 51 (179 Kb)
7. Water Suppliers and Users PDF File Pages 52 - 55 (97 Kb)
8. Public Involvement PDF File Page 56 (8 Kb)
9. Continuing Issues PDF File Page 57 (8 Kb)
10. References PDF File Pages 58 - 59 (13 Kb)

The Summary Report was prepared by Freese and Nichols, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas.

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