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Sabine Basin Lake Levels and River Conditions

Toledo Bend Project Current Generating Schedule

View the number of generators in operation and the hours of operation via the Sabine River Authority-State of Louisiana's website. In addition, a pre-recorded message is updated each weekday morning at 337/286-5253 providing the generating schedule for that day. Prime power generation schedules begin May 1st and run through September 30th for the Toledo Bend Hydro-Electric facility at the Toledo Bend Reservoir. The generating schedule is subject to change due to changes in weather or operation changes.

Select Lower Sabine Basin Gaging Stations-Near Real-time Data

National Weather Service US Geological Survey
Toledo Bend (NWS)

Toledo Bend (USGS 08025350)

Burkeville (NWS)

Burkeville (USGS 08026000)

Bon Wier (NWS)

Bon Wier (USGS 08028500)

Deweyville (NWS)

Deweyville (USGS 08030500)

Orange (NWS)

Orange (USGS 08030540)

Select Upper Sabine Basin Gaging Stations-Near Real-time Data

National Weather Service US Geological Survey
Lake Tawakoni (NWS)

Lake Tawakoni (USGS 08017400)

Lake Fork (NWS)

Lake Fork (USGS 08018800)

Mineola (NWS)

Mineola (USGS 08018500)

Hawkins (NWS)

Hawkins (USGS 08019200)

Gladewater (NWS)

Gladewater (USGS 08020000)

Below Longview (NWS)

Below Longview (USGS 08020900)

Beckville (NWS)

Beckville (USGS 08022040)

All Sabine Basin USGS Gaging Stations-Near Real-time Data

Texas Louisiana
Lake and River

River Only

National Weather Service Interactive River Gage Maps

Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service: Lake Charles
Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service: Shreveport
Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service: Fort Worth

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