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The Toledo Bend Division is responsible for the management of all activities and development on the Texas side of the Toledo Bend Dam and Reservoir Project. The reservoir is located in Texas and Louisiana on the Sabine River and forms a portion of the boundary between the two states. The Reservoir is approximately 65 miles in length and inundates land in Newton, Sabine, Shelby, and Panola Counties, Texas, and Sabine and DeSoto Parishes, Louisiana. Toledo Bend Reservoir is the largest man-made body of water in the South and fifth largest in surface acres in the United States, with water normally covering an area of 185,000 acres and having a controlled storage capacity of 4,477,000 acre-feet.

The Reservoir was constructed by the Sabine River Authority of Texas, and the Sabine River Authority, State of Louisiana , primarily for the purposes of water conservation, hydroelectric power generation, and recreation. With its 1,200 miles of shoreline, the Reservoir offers an almost unlimited opportunity for recreational development and is a major element in serving the growing demand for water-oriented outdoor recreation. The operation of the project for hydroelectric power generation and water conservation provides a dependable yield of 1,851 million gallons per day which is shared equally by Texas and Louisiana. Most of this water is passed through the turbines for the generation of electric power and is available for municipal, industrial, and agricultural purposes. The two hydroelectric power generating units have peak capacities of 42,500 KVA each, and are estimated to provide an average 207 million kWh annually.


Toledo Bend Reservoir Rules and Regulations

To view or download pdf click here: Toledo Bend Reservoir Rules and Regulations


Contact Information

Toledo Bend Division - Toledo Bend Reservoir

450 Spur 135
Burkeville, TX 75932
409-565-2338 Fax

Steven Dougharty
Division Manager, sdougharty@sratx.org

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