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The Gulf Coast Division is responsible for the Authority's water supply and related operations in the Orange County area. The Division office building, pump station, shop, and maintenance facilities are located near the Sabine River approximately 9 miles north of Orange and 1 miles east of State Highway 87.

The pumping plant, which has a capacity of more than 360 million gallons per day, is located on an intake canal off the Sabine River and lifts water approximately 22 feet to the main canal. Water is then conveyed through more than 75 miles of canals and laterals to the various customers throughout Orange County. The John W. Simmons Gulf Coast Canal System supplies water to municipal and industrial customers including petrochemical plants, a pulp and paper mill, a steel plant, and an electrical generating station. Water is also supplied for the purpose of rice irrigation, crawfish and catfish farming, and other miscellaneous uses.

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Contact Information

Gulf Coast Division - Pumping Plant

1922 I-P Way
Orange, TX 77632
409-746-9151 Fax

David Williams, dwilliams@sratx.org
Division Manager

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