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Contacting the Sabine River Authority of Texas
How to contact the Sabine River Authority's offices and staff.
SRA Annual Report
The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is presented in three sections: Introductory, Financial and Statistical.
Requests for Information Under the Texas Public Information Act
How to make an Open Records Request from the Sabine River Authority.

SRA Divisions

Authority General Office
The Authority General Office is the administrative center for the Sabine River Authority of Texas where implementation of Board Policy, project development, operations, management, accounting, and personnel management are directed.
Environmental Services Division
The Sabine River Authority of Texas has taken an active role in water quality matters since its initial operational activities began in 1954, and over the years has expanded to meet increasing needs throughout the Sabine River Basin.
Gulf Coast Division
The Gulf Coast Division is responsible for the Authority's water supply and related operations in the Orange County area. The Division office building, pump station, shop, and maintenance facilities are located near the Sabine River.
Toledo Bend Division
The Toledo Bend Division is responsible for the management of all activities and development on the Texas side of the Toledo Bend Dam and Reservoir Project. The reservoir is located in Texas and Louisiana on the Sabine River.
Lake Fork Division
The Lake Fork Division is responsible for the Lake Fork Dam and Reservoir Project. The reservoir is located on Lake Fork Creek, a major tributary of the Sabine River, about 70 miles east of Dallas, Texas, and 5 miles west of Quitman, Texas.
Iron Bridge Division
The Iron Bridge Dam and Reservoir Project was the first major project built by the Sabine River Authority of Texas. The Reservoir, Lake Tawakoni (tuh-wock´-o-nee), has a surface area of about 36,700 acres.

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