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The Trans-Texas Water Program (TTWP) was a comprehensive integrated water resources planning process designed to identify the most cost-effective and environmentally acceptable methods for meeting future water needs in a large portion of Texas encompassing approximately one-third of the state’s population. For more information, please see the Southeast Study Area Preliminary Findings, July 1996, or one of the reports below. Regional water planning is now done through the Senate Bill 1 (Texas Water Bill) process (see TWDB Regional Planning).

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TTWP Southeast Area Reports

Date File Description Author Format Size
4/22/98 PDF File ph2_report.pdf Phase II Final Report Brown & Root Adobe Acrobat 219 Kb
4/22/98 PDF File ph2_appendix.pdf Phase II Appendix Brown & Root Adobe Acrobat 127 Kb
4/22/98 PDF File gbfis.pdf Galveston Bay Freshwater Inflows Study Brown & Root Adboe Acrobat 385 Kb
3/24/98 PDF File contract.pdf Contractual Transfers Brown & Root Adobe Acrobat 187 Kb
3/19/98 PDF File reclaim_report.pdf Wastewater Reclamation Brown & Root Adobe Acrobat 159 Kb
2/20/98 PDF File desal_report.pdf Desalination Report Brown & Root Adobe Acrobat 184 Kb
1/30/98 PDF File conservation.pdf Water Conservation Brown & Root Adobe Acrobat 153 Kb
1/16/98 PDF File equity_report.pdf Equity Issues Related to Water Transfers
Southeast Area
Brown & Root Adobe Acrobat 221 Kb
1/16/98 PDF File equity_report_bib.pdf Equity Report Bibliography Brown & Root Adobe Acrobat 37 Kb
9/30/96 PDF File ph2update.pdf Phase II Program Update Brown & Root Adobe Acrobat 108 Kb
9/27/96 PDF File plan_info_report.pdf Planning Information Update Brown & Root Adobe Acrobat 146 Kb
9/27/98 plan_info_appendix.xls Planning Information Update, Appendix Brown & Root Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 392 Kb

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