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The Sabine River Authority (SRA) 1998 Summary Report of water quality in the Sabine River Basin reported some water quality concerns identified by the SRA systematic sub-watershed screening program. Concerns for ammonia, ambient toxicity, and rapid bio-assessment; possible concern for orthophosphate; and nonsupport of stream standards for dissolved oxygen, total dissolved solids, and fecal coliform were identified. The design of this study was tailored to examine the specific concerns identified by historic sampling. The Grace Creek Subwatershed is almost entirely urban and non-point runoff is the probable source of the water quality concerns. One set of samples for this study was taken during normal flow conditions to establish ambient or baseline conditions, and a rainfall event sample was taken to evaluate first-flush runoff from different areas of the watershed. Due to periodic toxicity in historic biomonitoring analyses, samples were taken for priority pollutants at all sites during normal and rainfall event flow. These samples were to be submitted for analysis only if biomonitoring indicated toxicity. Benthic macroinvertebrates and fish collections were made once during early summer and again during the late summer index period. Routine field and laboratory parameters, total and dissolved metals in water were collected at all sites. Biomonitoring and rapid bioassessments (RBA’s) were also conducted at each site. Texas Watch volunteers who work for the City of Longview submitted additional data, which are also presented in this report. Rainfall event sampling utilized SRA, and Longview employees to take grab samples during the rain event. Participation and support also came from the TNRCC Region 5 office, the TPWD, and City of Longview employees.

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Prepared in Cooperation with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Under the Authorization of the Texas Clean Rivers Act.

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