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pdf.gif (207 bytes)The full reports require the Adobe Acrobat Reader; see here for more information and to download the Reader. Cover letters are html and give a brief overview of the condition of water quality throughout the Sabine River Basin.

Station maps are available separately: 

Month Full Report Cover Letter

FY 2004

December  2003_12.pdf (276 KB) 2003_12.htm
November   2003_11.pdf (287 KB) 2003_11.htm
October   2003_10.pdf (287 KB) 2003_10.htm
September   2003_09.pdf (280 KB) 2003_09.htm

FY 2003

August   2003_08.pdf (265 KB) 2003_08.htm
July   2003_07.pdf (268 KB) 2003_07.htm
June   2003_06.pdf (266 KB) 2003_06.htm
May 2003_05.pdf (226 KB) 2003_05.htm
April 2003_04.pdf (188 KB) 2003_04.htm
March 2003_03.pdf (217 KB) 2003_03.htm
February 2003_02.pdf (249 KB) 2003_02.htm
January 2003_01.pdf (193 KB) 2003_01.htm

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