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Since initial operational activities began in 1954, the Sabine River Authority of Texas (SRA-TX) has taken an active role in monitoring and protecting water quality.  The SRA-TX has expanded over the years to meet increasing needs throughout the Sabine River Basin, as population, number of water users and wastewater dischargers increases.  The Environmental Services Division (ESD) was established to provide field and laboratory services for SRA-TX, as well as governmental entities, industries and municipalities. 

The ESD water quality laboratory is accredited under the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference Institute ( The NELAC Institute or TNI ) Standard adopted September 8, 2009.  This is a national program established by the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency to develop mutually acceptable national standards for accrediting environmental testing laboratories.  A copy of the current ESD laboratory TNI certificate and Scope of Accreditation can be found here: Current Certificate.  The ESD also monitors water quality in the Sabine Basin through the Texas Clean Rivers Program ( TCRP).  The TCRP is a cooperative partnership between the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and regional water authorities that promotes involvement by state and local entities along with the general public.  The TCRP allows Sabine Basin stakeholders to provide valuable input to the regulatory authorities on water quality issues.

The ESD laboratory and Lower Basin Field Office (LBFO) are located at 1895 I-P Way in Orange, Texas.  The laboratory provides metals, inorganic and microbiological testing services.  A list of testing capabilities and methods can be found here: Lab Capabilities .   Contact the laboratory for a fee schedule, Sample Acceptance Policy, or to request a quotation for laboratory services.  The LBFO facility provides water quality monitoring for the lower Sabine Basin.

The ESD Upper Basin Field Office (UBFO) is located at the Lake Fork Division Offices in Quitman, Texas.  The UBFO facility provides water quality monitoring services for the upper Sabine Basin.

Contact Information

1895 I-P Way
Orange, TX 77632
409-746-2249 Fax

Debra Malus, 
Environmental Services Division Manager
Pollie Holtham
Assistant Division Manager
Leigh-Ann Trawhon
Quality Assurance Officer
Pollie Holtham
Technical Director

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